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8-Gateshead Skiff Gallery

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 This training project began back in July 2013 within the Newcastle CRISIS organisation, however, issues with project funding meant that by October 2013 we had to step back and look for another project partner to complete the build.


Our breakthrough came in 2014 when Tyneside Armed Forces Community Outreach Service (based in Gateshead), decided that a boat building project would be a great way to bring their veterans together with a shared goal. Coincidentially, some TAFCOS veterans were also members of Newcastle CRISIS and the question was asked if the partially built skiff could be completed in Gateshead. The group began rowing at Derwenthaugh Marina using Sea Cadet boats and with Byker Community Rowing Club in the summer of 2014. James Andrew from British Rowing helped with coaching on Tuesday afternoons, Tynemouth Rowing Club kindly donated a Mondego Coxed Double Scull and in July 2014 Gateshead Community Rowing Club was formed, in November the club became affiliated to British Rowing. The club is truly inclusive and welcomes everyone, not just ex-forces.

Gateshead CRC is proud to have members on the Row2Recovery programme, which helps veterans who are wounded, injured or sick access the sport of rowing. A huge thanks to Paddy Nicholl of Row2Recovery, Martin Colclough of Help for Heroes, Celia Hetherington of British Rowing and Angela Patterson of Newcastle CRISIS for making everything possible.


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Gateshead Skiff 26042015



Gateshead Skiff 24042015



Gateshead Skiff 17042015



Gateshead Skiff 10042015



Gateshead Skiff 010042015



Gateshead Skiff 26032015




Gateshead Skiff 19032015



Gateshead Skiff 13032015



Gateshead Skiff 11032015



Gateshead Skiff 10032014



Gateshead Skiff 05032015



Gateshead Skiff 26022015



Gateshead Skiff 12022015



Gateshead Skiff 06022015




Gateshead Skiff 30012015



Gateshead Skiff 23012015



Tool Training 16012015



Construct Building Boxes 15012015



Move to Gateshead



Preparing to fit the first plank



Gluing the frames to the Hog



Trimming the Hog



Shaping the Oars



Scarfing the hog timbers together



Cutting the plank Scarfs



Cutting the Bow and Stern Aprons



Laminating the Stems



Setting up the moulds



Assembling the moulds



Cutting out the Moulds



Building the Strongback


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