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6 Joan Dixon Gallery

Page history last edited by Alex Finnegan 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Here are some images from the sailing coble Joan Dixon which we are planning to restore into a Sea Angling project for adults with learning difficulties or mental illness.


After two years of uncertainty, the historic sailing coble Joan Dixon once again found herself under the Tyne.

Thankfully, not sunken this time! Today, Joan Dixon was being delivered from the Ouseburn through the Tyne tunnel to her new home at Bede's World.



Moving Joan Dixon to Bede's World



JD as we found her



Saving Joan Dixon



Above in 2012 and below must be in the 1950's




Thank you Peter Weightman of the NEMT  (http://www.nemaritimetrust.co.uk/) for finding this old photo of Joan Dixon taking a group of school children out to the Farnes from Beadnell.


Here is a link to a recording of Bill Dixon made in 1978- Thank you to Bill's grand daughter for bringing this recording to our attention. -Alex


Sorry - This link is now dead. 

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