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Welcome to the Tree2Sea Project

the website for PuppetShip CIC's boat building training courses in the North East of England.

Alex now has an instagram account https://www.instagram.com/metacypher/




9-Bede's World Men's Shed


News - Bede's World closes it's doors Friday 12022016


7-Bede's Boat Gallery


Recreating an Anglo-Saxon boat in Bede's World Jarrow


7-Bede's Boat Gallery

Harry Clasper is launched

Our second St Ayles Skiff project takes to the water.

8-Gateshead Skiff Gallery



8-Gateshead Skiff Gallery

Classic boat restoration

6 Joan Dixon Gallery



Our 5th project Byker Boat is now operated by Royal Quays Community Rowing Club (2023)



See photos of the build here. 5-Byker Boat Gallery


5-Byker Boat Gallery

AppShip4 Photo Gallery

Building a Stitch and glue canoe

AppShip4 Photo Gallery

AppShip3 Photo Gallery


AppSHIP3 AppShip3 Photo Gallery

Ten teenagers, a plie of timber, six weeks later -we are sailing!

Well done team, we made it.

Bedlingtonshire Community High School, Northumberland, England, Alex 31.07.10.


AppShip2 Photo Gallery


AppSHIP2 - what a lovely project and a smashing day - well done team. - Alex 16.07.09

AppShip2 Photo Gallery

AppShip1 Photo Gallery

AppShip1 AppShip1 Photo Gallery


The Tree2Sea ApprenticeSHIP project connects young people and adults with the rich depth of maritime culture and heritage around our coastline, we do this by connecting them with their hands, within a series of hands-on projects.


Our methodology is simple, demonstrate the necessary skills to build a small wooden boat, facilitate access to the range of resources and materials information needed to construct these vessels and finally to embed these learning experiences within historic context, technological advancements and career path opportunities available to the participants. This wiki will act as a virtual online scrap book where all participants can paste relevant text, pictures web links, anything really.


 - Alex, PuppetShip CIC

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